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Ultra Slim Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter | Compact Hand Dryer | Bathroom Dryer

Size: 283 x 233 x 104 mm
Voltage: AC 110 – 240 V 50-60 Hz
Air Temperature: <56 C
Rated Power: 1300W
Sensor Range: 50-120 MM
Wind Speed: 85M/S
Stainless Steel / ABS: 2.7 kg / 2.1 kg
Installation: Wall Mounted

Touch-free high quality hand dryer:
Automatic operation when hands are close to air outlet. It stops when it exceeds the set time (60 seconds). Re-induction makes it start again, so to protect the hand dryer from misoperation, thus extending its life span.

Ultra fast drying:
It can dry hands within 8-12 seconds. You can choose warm or cool air, thanks to the smart intelligent control module.

Easy Installation:
Affix the stainless steel plate by screws then hang up the hand dryer body to the plate

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Weight 5 kg