3×5 ft Anti-Slip Kitchen Mat | Floor Matting


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Anti-Slip Kitchen Mat | Floor Matting

Grease resistant, solid rubber compound and beveled edges create a non-trip, non-slip work environment. Open construction allows solids and liquids to pass through, while leaving a clean, dry surface. they are anti slip, anti fatigue, wear resistant , and anti bacterial. They also provide a comfortable surface to relieve worker fatigue. It is ideal for commercial kitchens, as well as industrial applications.


• Made from durable, 100% NBR rubber, it provides superior resistance to water, oil, grease, chemicals and animal fats.

• Open channel structure, combined with recessed grooves, allows solids and liquids to easily fall through mat, leaving a clean, dry surface.

• Designed for heavy industrial and commercial environments where anti fatigue and superior drainage capabilities are required.


• Defense against slippery floors in commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, cafeterias, manufacturing facilities, bars, hospitals, etc.

• It is an excellent heavy duty mat solution where a durable, non slip mat is required.

Technical Specifications:

Material: NBR Senior nitrile rubber

Thickness: 14.5 mm; Weight: Approx 14.5 kg/pc; Size: 3′ x 5′ (90 cm x 150 cm)

Indoor air quality testing: Conforms to GB 18401-2010, Does not contain formaldehyde and / or decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes

Oil resistant test: After soaking in IRM903 oil at 60 C for 72 hours, no fading or deformation occurred.